Make money online failure

Posted by Alan Drisco | 2:08 PM

Make money online

Make money online is not an easy job to do. A lot of efforts are needed to determine success. But many people fail to achieve what the looking for and below are few reason that bring most people to make money online failure.

High expectation
Many people think that making money online is an easy way to make money quick. The true is this is a serious business and there is no room for lazy individual. A lot of effort needs to be invested just to see a small result.

Lack of knowledge
When looking at other people making money by just performing a blog, many people eager to follow. But eager is not enough. We need knowledge such as SEO, traffics and others. Because lack of knowledge, many make money online blogs were published but no material posted.

No Visitors
Most important factor in business is customer. In this case make money online customer is called traffics. No matter how good is your material without traffics it is no point. People always looking for traffics on search engine and spend most of their time on SERP. What they miss is that there are many more channel that can drive traffics in to their blog or website such as Facebook, Hubpages, Technorati, Digg and more.

Make money online secret

Posted by Alan Drisco | 3:06 PM

I have read an article today and like to share some few things that related with make money online. The article is not about make money online but some wording and phrase in it that I think is related and can be used to improve my make money online.

If you want to do well making money online, you have to take personal responsibility for your future, and be proactive rather than reactive in your approach to your make money online career.make money online secrets

Do some research before starting any internet business. You can simply make research on the internet and your research can do a lot to help you. Don’t forget to plan your make money online strategy. Fail to plan and you may as well plan to fail, and you should begin before you even set your mind get involve in making money online.

You must also must got the right mental attitude. Always believe that you can do it. Not forget to discipline yourself. It is vital. Me personally believe, discipline is the key for success in anything that we do in our life.

Traffics are the most important factor in searching for money online. No matter how good is the product if no customer looking on it, it won’t sell. One place that for sure will generate huge amount of traffics is search engine. However, people are always overshadow by the potential of search engine and make them forgot about other tools that will also generate traffics for them in order to make money online.

In my opinion, if we are working on other tools such as social networking website, social media, blog commenting, forum, blog directories and others, it will eventually reflecting our SEO. So this is like a wise guy say ‘two birds in one stone’.

Anyway below are the ways to drive traffics to your blog or website:

SEO-There are a lot of things to be done internally and externally. However, the basic and a must to do such as to insert a title, meta description and meta keywords; to apply a correct headings (h1, h2, h3 and h4), to clean up html and to increase back links that relevant to make money online.

Pay per click-If there is a budget, Google Adwords is a good way to get traffics from. Make sure to select for an appropriate keyword in order to maximise traffics that will eventually increasing your revenue.

Link Exchange-Is very important to increase your pagerank. Link exchange can be boring but be patient and only to exchange link with the blog or website that relevant to your niche.

Social Networking and Media-Facebook is the best at the moment (please see my previous post).

Forum and Blog commenting – Forum will establish you with a good networking if you are actively posting with a good discussions. It is also the same principle apply to blog commenting. Keep commenting on both nofollow and dofollow because both will give benefit to your blog.